Ocean in Motion Request

Small group sessions may include a 20-25 min education program, if requested. Including animal encounter time, the total program time is 1 hour.
You can request up to 4 consecutive programs for small groups.
Community Events/Fairs/Large Groups are up to 4 hours* in length and include a bio-fact table and live animals. (*If the event is inside a maximum of 4 hours total. If outside, event time is maximum of 2 hours.

Pricing (additional programs must be on the same day at the same location):
Small Class: 1st program $90, each additional $50
Community Fair/Event/Large Groups: 1st hour $180, additional hour $150
*A mileage fee of $1 per mile (one-way) is charged for any Ocean in Motion vehicle outside a 15-mile radius of the Butterfly House & Aquarium.
A $50 non-refundable reervation fee required before final confirmation.