Under the Dock

Our brand new Under the Dock display is now open!

This open-top viewing exhibit allows you to explore the beautiful ecosystem that is closer than you might have thought!

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Under the Dock

Our Under the Dock display is an open-top viewing experience that features unique animals like Yellow Stingrays, Horseshoe Hawkfish, Princess Parrotfish, and many more!

Stop by this exhibit to explore life under the dock, and get a better understanding of the unique ecosystem that exists right beneath our feet!

Cownose Rays

Since receiving the cownose rays in early 2019, they grew from 8" pups to 24" adults and needed more space to grow and thrive. Animal welfare is our top priority at the BHA and we strive to provide the absolute best care for all of the animals within our facility. As a result, our cownose rays have moved to a partner aquarium in Oklahoma where they will live in a larger exhibit with other cownose rays, continuing to spark joy and inspiration in new families!

Bon Voyage
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Pacific Tide Pool

Our Pacific Tide Pool features animals that are found in tide pools along the coast from southern California to Alaska. Discover more about these fascinating invertebrates and enjoy your hands-on experience.
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The Aquarium at the Butterfly House & Aquarium displays hundreds of different species of fishes and corals in over 10,000 gallons of aquariums.