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Learn more about the Butterfly House & Aquarium with answers to some of your frequently asked questions.


Are strollers allowed in the building?

Not yet. When we have a larger space and the proper set-up to park strollers before entry to the butterfly house, we will be able to have strollers. At this time, our limited space and USDA requirements restrict our ability to have strollers in the building.

I scheduled a group tour. When should I arrive?

Try to arrive 5 minutes before the start of your tour.

How will the exhibits change with the expansion?
The 2021 expansion will grow the building from 11,000 square feet to approximately 27,000 square feet. We will double the size of our Indo-Pacific Coral exhibit so we have more room for our corals to grow. We’ll have a more extensive display for the moon jellyfish. Our stingray exhibit will quadruple in size. We’ll also include more interactive opportunities, including two tidal touch pools, a shrimp feeding exhibit, turtle feeding exhibit, and our stingray exhibit will be a touch-and-feed exhibit.
Will you stay open throughout the expansion?
Yes! While the new aquarium portion is being built, the Butterfly House will be open. However, the aquarium exhibits are not available for viewing.
Will you add to the butterfly house?
The butterfly house will not be expanding, as the 3,600 square-foot conservatory is the perfect size for climate control and butterfly population. During 2019, we are renovating the butterfly house, and so far have added a gazebo and work corner, revamped the pond, and added a tall waterfall. An educational mural, updated misting and cooling system, and more rainforest plants are in the works as well.
BHA19 Exhibit Map

Exhibit Map

Explore the aquarium and butterfly house as you learn about ocean conservation in this unique destination for family entertainment.

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