Butterfly Farms

We work with butterfly farms in Central & South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Our partnerships result in rainforest conservation around the world.

Rainforest Conservation

Every month, we receive 800 to 1,200 butterfly pupae from farmers near tropical rainforests around the world. Three hundred of them come from Costa Rica Entomological Supply (CRES). This butterfly farm has provided butterfly pupae to butterfly conservatories worldwide for over 30 years.

Did You Know?

Butterfly farms provide alternative forms of income in rural areas, where farmers reverse the effects of ecological damage by growing native plants. Several of our partners, including El Bosque Nuevo Butterfly Farm, lead the way in conservation by investing its profits into rainforest protection and reforesting projects.

Our Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is home to over 800 tropical butterflies from all around the world.

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