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Embark on an unforgettable adventure where you'll discover the wonder of tropical butterflies and the mesmerizing world of marine aquariums!
We welcome you to the only butterfly house and public saltwater aquarium in the Dakotas!

Our mission is to create connection and inspire conservation of wild species and spaces.

Banded Blue Morpho

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Eastern Shores Touch Pool Now OPEN

Eastern Shores is a new touch pool experience featuring diverse species like horseshoe crabs, sea stars, spider crabs, knobbed whelks, channeled whelks, purple urchins, sheepshead minnows, and killifish. Guests will have the opportunity to (gently) touch some of these animals, including the crab and whelk species under supervision from Butterfly House & Aquarium (BHA) staff.

The grand opening for Eastern Shores is Thursday, June 20. Regular hours for the exhibit will be Thursday - Sunday from 10 am - 1 pm.

Eastern Shores has been a months-long renovation and retheming project by BHA staff - requiring a vast array of expertise, including exhibit design and décor, plumbing and water chemistry, and a deep understanding of aquatic animals and habitats.

The habitat shares the footprint of BHA's former, decade-ole Tidepool exhibit, but is rebuilt with accessibility and increased animal wellbeing in mind. Where it was once necessary to stand and step up to see the animals, the pool surface is now lower and accessible to guests of all ages and mobilities. For the animals, aquarists selected species that tend to coexist harmoniously. They also have more space to retreat, if they choose not to be touched.


Infant (0-1)


Youth (2-17)


Adults (18-59)


Senior (60+)


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Sunday - Saturday

10 AM - 4 PM

* Last entry at 3:30 PM

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Conserve. Educate. Inspire.

Unleash your imagination and step into a magical world at the Butterfly House & Aquarium, a nonprofit organization and the only public saltwater aquarium in the Dakotas. Here, you'll discover the wonder and beauty of nature through interactive exhibits and exotic animals that will amaze and delight visitors of all ages.

Not only will you have an unforgettable experience, but your admission fees and donations also play a vital role in our mission of inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards, making a positive impact on the world. Come and join us on this exciting journey of discovery and inspiration!

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Let's Get Tropical

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and immerse yourself in a world of wonder as you stroll through a lush rainforest environment and dive deep into the depths of the sea to discover the fascinating world of marine life, all at the only butterfly house and aquarium within hundreds of miles!