The Joe & Elaine Floyd Video Library

Here you will find an array of videos that will help you learn something new, calm your mind, and even give you a better idea of what to expect when you visit the Butterfly House & Aquarium!

Be sure to check back on a regular basis to stay up-to-date on any new videos!

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Educational Videos

Monarch Migration
Monarch & Cownose Ray Migration

Animals migrate for a variety of reasons - learn about how and why monarch butterflies and cownose rays migrate every year.

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Wings and things
Wings & Things

Join Sky the Butterfly and Fin the Fish as they share some fascinating facts about butterflies and ocean life at the Butterfly House & Aquarium!

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Butterfly anatamoy
Butterfly Anatomy

Learn about the body parts of butterflies with Sky the Blue Morpho Butterfly

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Nature Namaste

Indo pacific

Take a breather with our Clownfish.

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Moon jellies
Moon Jellies

Moon Jellies are brainless which means no worries for them. Float into relaxation with these incredible animals.

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Soft corals
Soft Corals

Hit the pause button on the fast pace of life and take a breather with our Soft Coral exhibit.

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Facebook LIVE

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Emergence Window

Join Mack and Colton as they talk about how our butterfly emergence window works, and what goes in to maintaining it!

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Nature Ed Ventures
Nature EdVenture's

Come alongside Mack on this brand new video series where we explore all of the spectacular things nature has to offer!