Here are some fun facts about the animals here at the Butterfly House & Aquarium!

  1. Jellies are more than 95 percent water!
  2. Male seahorses give birth!
  3. Corals are actually animals, not plants!
  4. Sea Otters love to eat purple sea urchins! So much so that their teeth will turn purple!
  5. Caterpillars increase their body mass by as much as 1,000 times or more!
  6. Butterflies taste with their feet, smell with their antennae and can see ultraviolet light!
  7. Snakes’ scales are made from the same thing our hair and fingernails are! It’s called Keratin!
  8. 99% of all cockroach species are NOT household pests!
  9. Beautiful smelling Plumeria flowers are commonly used in Hawaii to make leis!
  10. Turtles must eat in water because they have no teeth and swallow their food whole!
Happy Creepy Crawly Month!
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