"What is your favorite thing about working for the BHA?"

“You get to do things you don’t usually get to do at other jobs! Where else would you get to hang out with stingrays and butterflies all day?” – Kaylee, Operations Assistant

“I really love all of the people I work with! They are all so knowledgeable and it is such a great learning experience every day.” – Emily, Aquarist

“My favorite thing about working here is getting to be immersed in nature without mosquitoes or inclement weather.” – Ashley, Biologist

“I absolutely love getting the opportunity to teach people about not only nature, but things they don’t often get to see here in South Dakota!” – Lisa, Educator

"Being able to share our love of these amazing creatures with everyone that comes in the door!" - Charity, Marketing Coordinator

“Interacting with people from all over and educating the public about these magnificent creatures!” – Jackie, Volunteer

“Every day is a new adventure.” – Audrey, CEO

Helpful Hints on Raising Butterflies and Moths
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