Stingray Habitat

You can create your own unique connection with the two species of stingrays at the Stingray Habitat in the Aquarium.
**Hand sanitizer is deadly to marine animals. The Stingray Touch Experience will be closed until further notice to ensure the health of our animals.**

About the Cownose Stingray

Native to the western Atlantic Ocean, cownose stingrays are named for their unique forehead, which look like a cow’s nose. They use their strong, flat teeth to crack open the shells of bottom-dwelling shellfish like lobster, crabs, and clams. Famous for their migrations, Cownose rays gather in schools as large as 10,000 for long journeys through tropical waters.

Did You Know?

Baby cownose stingrays are called pups.

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Pacific Tide Pool

Our Pacific Tide Pool features animals that are found in tide pools along the coast from southern California to Alaska. Discover more about these fascinating invertebrates and enjoy your hands-on experience.
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